Please look thru my Frequently Asked Questions section before reaching

out with additional inquiries. 



What happens after I purchase on your website? 

- Once you purchase on the site, the system will automatically send you an

initial template via email to begin services 



How do you communicate with customers? 

- Majority of communication is done via email from

Instagram @masterbizbuilder is also a primary source of communication. 



What is your brand logo turnaround time? 

- Standard turn around for logos is 3-5 business days.

Revisions require 2 additional business days.



How long does website customization take? 

- Standard Website turn around time is 1 month.

Rushed order delivery may be requested as an up charge. 



How does ownership of the website domain work? 

- When purchasing website customization a personal domain name is included. Personal

domain names are good for (1) year. After one year has passed domain name will be sold

and is up to the responsibility of the business owner to maintain ownership of domain name. 



Refund Policy

- Full refunds will only be considered within 24hours of initial purchase. NO refunds granted for

work that has been started or partially done. Partial refunds considered dependent upon individual customer disputes

- Master Biz Builder

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